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7 Times Mortada Mansour Blamed Black Magic for Zamalek's Loss

We're wondering what happens to a guy who utters the words 'black magic' seven times...

Ever since Mortada Mansour was elected as the chairman for Zamalek SC in 2014, he hasn't carried himself with the best sportsmanship. He goes on television and curses people (and gets sentenced for it), then he randomly fires some of his best coaches, and it's needless to say that his attitude makes him difficult to be loved by the fans. But nothing tops his moments of superstition. The man's an 'educated lawyer' and he totally blames black magic and sorcery for Zamalek's loss – it's an actual belief of his, it seems. So, keeping up with the spirit of Halloween, we're sharing with you the 7 times Mortada Mansour used black magic as a scapegoat:

Essam El Hadary = Witch

Someone Told Him About It

Zamalek vs. Mamelodi Sundowns

Come at Me With Your Magic, Ahly

Black Magic Makes Balls Disappear

Black Magic Gives Opponents Confidence

Some Family Members Are Involved