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A Decade Later: Saudi Launches Manhunt for Fake Egyptian Doctor

Having practiced medicine with a fake degree for over 10 years, one Egyptian quack is wanted in the KSA, with talks of getting the Interpol involved.

Being able to trust doctors is pivotal to any society, as these professionals hold the fate of their patients' lives in their hands. Breaking that trust is a serious crime which is why Saudi authorities are allegedly launching a manhunt for an Egyptian who claimed to be a doctor and practiced 10 years with a fake degree.

On Wednesday, the Saudi Daily Okaz reported that an Egyptian has been as a posing urologist at the Al-Qasim Hospital for the last decade without a proper degree. The police were notified about the phony practitioner when the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities discovered that the degree allegedly awarded in 2000 by an Egyptian university was fake.

Upon discovering the imposter in the medical mist, procedures were launched to revoke his papers, however Saudi officials believe that he currently on annual leave, and will arrest him upon his return. However, if he fails to return to Saudi Arabia, then the Saudi embassy in Cairo expressed that they will be requesting help from Interpol in arresting the man.

Upon hearing the news social media commentators seem to be on the fence, as some choose to herald authorities for uncovering the imposter in their midst, while others can’t believe it took 10 years to discover he was practising under faked credentials.

"So you don't know there are people who work without certificates?"

"Cheers to the ministry of health."

"This is why we have so many medical mistakes"

According to, 1759 doctors and 1945 general practitioners made mistakes last year. It is believed that 44% of mistakes were made by Egyptians, 15% by Saudi, 9% by Syrian, and 6% of Indian doctors. As it stands the ICFR (International Coalition of Freedoms and Rights) is currently investigating over 214 malpractice cases against certain doctors and hospitals.

Hopefully the man will be brought to justice as the last thing Egypt needs is another doctor working in Egypt under fake pretences.