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A Night in NYC Without Boarding a Plane

There's a new party series in town, ready to whisk you away to the furthest flung corners of the world with a different destination each time. First stop: the Big Apple atop the Fairmont Nile City. Here's what you need to know...

A New York themed party including Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler and Empire State buildings, fresh hot dogs and themed drinks is set to take place in Cairo on February 6th. The big budget event, set to make Cairo nightlife history, isn’t just any party. The faces behind the second of a series of six themed parties about to redefine epicness paid us a visit to spill the beans on the history of the parties, plans for an even more epic 2015.

As he was preparing for his birthday bash, Ahmed Helal wanted to go all out. He was going to have a theme, an open bar, decorations that take attendees to a different world and the best, most amazing atmosphere a party could ever have. His Caesar’s Palace party was born, and it turned out to be the party of the year.

Although it was an invite-only event, people in togas showed up on the night to gain entry into an exclusive party that was supposed to celebrate Helal’s birth. Within minutes, it had become a Cairo insider's only event attracting people strange to the guest list as well as invitees dressed as Zeus and Aphrodite, taking the college toga party to a whole new, sophisticated level. What followed was a night nobody would forget - the first of what's now been christened the Sin City series of parties.

The party was such an epic success, Ahmed decided to make this themed party extravaganza a thing. Owning two magazines by day, he decided to make his passion for parties his ambition for 2015 and accumulated a team that would help him recreate the success of the first night. The team at Unfold Events exclusively told us their secret recipe for what will be a series of parties planned for the whole year that will make every other party in this city look like a dish party.

It was never going to be just another party. “Every party these days is the same: cool DJs, same faces, little effort spent on atmosphere,” the party wizards tell us about what exactly will set the Sin City series apart from everything that’s out there. Although a top DJ will be playing at the first event, namely DJ Ramy The Junkie, the themed nights will be much more than just a party. “We want those nights to be experiences, not just parties. Our guests will literally travel the world,” the team explains. No wonder that the invite for this exclusive event is a boarding pass, as attendees will be partying in the Big Apple, set up in style at the Fairmont Nile City.

Without giving too much away about the many surprises awaiting lucky ticket holders on the night of all nights, Helal tells us about the many details that will leave Cairo at the front door and make New York come to life on February 6th. Most effort was spent on transforming a Fairmont venue into the Big Apple; from taking pictures with Lady Liberty to lounging in Central Park, no New York experience will be missing.

However, the New York night won’t be the end of this legendary party series. Four further themed nights are planned for the next months, each taking invitees to a different part of the world, each time enchanting with big productions and authentic atmospheres, spoiling guests with a matching menu and entertainment, ranging from flash mobs to dancers to local artists displaying their talent. On top of that, all parties have a dress code, filling the upcoming one with Marilyn Monroes and Uncle Sams, truly making it an all American bash.

Finally, going to the Big Apple will not include hours of standing in line applying for visas and getting on a twelve hour flight. Instead, a Cosmopolitan cocktail and street-style hot dog awaits at the gates of the Fairmont Nile City.

Find out more about Unfold Events here.