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A Solution For Egypt's Traffic?

A Robocop-style fixture has helped traffic problems in the Congo, prompting us to find out more and wonder if Egypt will ever look to technology to solve our biggest woe...

The biggest problem troubling every Egyptian, regardless of class, is traffic. To solve this problem Egypt will need to find new and creative ways to manage their traffic, and would probably be better off importing fresh new ideas to solve an increasingly annoying old problem.

In the city of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 10 million reside, traffic is also a major issue. But with a bit of ingenuity and humour, Kinshasa have come with a solution that is being welcomed by its citizens. At the busiest intersection of the city stand two gigantic humanoid robots who regulate the flow of vehicles, while helping pedestrians safely cross the roads.

The robots, made of aluminium and stainless steel, stand at eight feel tall and are on duty 24 hours a day. They are solar powered and are equipped with a rotating chest containing surveillance cameras to help keep track of the flow of vehicles. These robots have essentially merged the functions of a traffic light with the abilities of a traffic cop. It has arms that can bend to stop passing vehicles, and is programmed to be speak, instructing pedestrians when it is safe to cross.

Although they may look ridiculous, the robots are proving to be effective, and would be a welcome change to the Egyptian solution of simply using traffic cops. The robots wouldn't be a strain on our trouble power grid, as they are sun powered which we have plenty of, and they work 24 hours. Directing traffic can be a very dangerous job for these officers, and if there is a simple, safe, cost/energy efficient way to manage traffic then it is worth the import duties.