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A Vegeterian and Vegan Meetup is Happening in Cairo

Kale lovers unite! Carnivorous creatures, better stay away from this one.

We do two major things at the CairoScene office – one is fantasizing about fried chicken for dinner, and the second is trying to convince our coworkers that we didn't actually eat their food (which we obviously did). So you can see why it shocked us to our core to be scrolling through Sisi memes and dollar crisis articles and find a vegan and vegetarian meet-up happening in Cairo. Say what?! Believe it or not, an actual Vegetarian/Vegan Society in Egypt exists – and they’re hosting a meet-up on November 12th.

While the concept of a vegetarian and vegan meet-up sounds a little cult-like – because we all have that one vegan friend who makes it sound that way – the meet-up is just going to have “an educational and informative discussion about health and wellness” along with a nice brunch (we’re guessing no sausages) with tea or coffee, and some mingling. Also, healthy living guru Dr. Shebl Farag will be hosting the event as it kicks off on Saturday at 12 PM at the Cairo Opera House in Zamalek.

Honestly, every time we come across anything healthy, we adjust our back rolls and feel guilty about our eating habits. Maybe a little info session and tasty healthy food will get us to stop calling vegans food hipsters and actually get us eating a little cleaner. Maybe.

Visit the event page for more information.
Photo: Huffington Post.