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AUC Honours Egypt's First-Ever Prima Ballerina

The event will continue on until January 31st.

Magda Saleh

Magda Saleh, Egypt’s first prima ballerina and first dean of the Higher Institute of Ballet, arrived at AUC’s Tahrir Cultural Center (TCC) earlier this month, where she was honoured with a tribute photo exhibition commemorating her remarkable ballet career. 

The exhibition began with a viewing of a portrait of the ballerina and her father, former AUC Vice President Ahmed Abdel Ghaffar Saleh. Archived material of the prima ballerina and exquisite photographs taken by highly-regarded photographer Sherif Sonbol were also on display. The exhibition was followed by a discussion on the art of ballet and a screening of a documentary about Saleh called 'A Footnote in Ballet History'.

Image credit: AUC- Tahrir Cultural Center

The award-winning documentary was directed by Hisham Abdel Khalek and produced by H&O Productions. Before the screening, AUC President Francis Ricciardone shared a few remarks praising Saleh's dedication to the arts. 

The exhibition is part of a group of cultural activities at TCC, which features live music and dance performances, plays and screenings, as well as art exhibitions and conferences. The exhibition will continue until January 31st at the Future Gallery in TCC and is open to the public. Which other Egyptian cultural figure would you like to see honoured? Let us know in the comments below.