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Ahmed Moussa Allegedly Airs Fabricated Tweet by Mohamed El Baradei

Did Ahmed Moussa just commit one of the biggest incidents of journalistic fraud in recent Egyptian history?

A Facebook user has taken to the social media site to point out what could possibly be a massive case of journalistic fraud. In a post he shared last night, Mohamed Omran claims that Egyptian TV host Ahmed Moussa aired a fabricated tweet attributed to former Egyptian Vice President, Nobel laureate, law scholar, and diplomat Mohamed El Baradei.

Omran shares a photo purporting to show the tweet aired on Moussa's talk show Ala Mass2oulity. The allegedly fabricated tweet reads: "To all the free people across the Arab Republic of Egypt who oppose the military coup, you must take up arms starting now to storm the squares in preparations for the 11/11 revolution to topple Sisi and his junta."

Omran wasn't available for comment. Interestingly enough, however, Baradei is notorious for his stoicism and pacifism; not only that, but said tweet is nowhere to be found on his Twitter account.

False reporting is a crime punishable by Egyptian law; if convicted, a journalist faces fines, jail time, and can even be barred from practicing journalism. 

You can view the post here.