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Ain Shams University Hospitals Now Hold Free Medical Consultations Via WhatsApp

The move was made in an effort to expand their telemedicine services so that patients can have access to non-emergency care without leaving quarantine.

ain shams university

You don't want to leave your house unless it's an emergency, but you also don't want to wait for that suspicious rash on your arm to turn into an emergency, either. You could either panic and self-diagnose with Google (personally we're concerned that we've been displaying severe symptoms of hypochondriasis), or you could just WhatsApp an actual medical professional at Ain Shams University's hospitals! They're the latest medical institution to expand their telemedicine services in the midst of the ongoing corona lockdown. Through their new online medical consultation service, patients can get an answer regarding any questions they may have, book an in-person appointment, or file a complaint. 

The consultation service is available through WhatsApp, but patients can also request a video chat. The service is not meant for emergency cases, but rather for people who have unanswered medical concerns that are too mild to break their quarantine for.

For general health inquiries and internal medicine, contact 01050136012

For paediatricians, contact 01050136031

For elderly care, contact 01050136035