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Ain Shams University Hospitals to Harness Robotic Surgery

Ain Shams University will implement a robotic surgical system in its hospitals, allowing its surgeons to perform riskier and more difficult procedures with greater success.

Ain Shams University has announced that its hospitals are to implement a robotic surgery system - the first of its kind in Egypt.

The system has been imported from the United Kingdom, and will allow surgeons to perform their tasks with greater accuracy, flexibility and finesse, decreasing the margin of human error through computer-enhanced controls. Delicate and complex operations that would’ve been otherwise difficult or impossible using traditional methods will soon become more accessible through robotic surgery. For example, through the development of three-dimensional vision in very narrow parts of the body, surgeons are now able to more safely and reliably operate on micro-tumours.

A selection of surgeons will be trained on the use of this system before it is fully implemented in Ain Shams University hospitals.