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Al Bernameg Returns

After a three month hiatus, Bassem Youssef makes his triumphant return this weekend.

Great news for all you who have been missing satirical news. Bassem Youssef is set to return to television this Friday, 7th February at 10pm. After a three month hiatus, Bassem Youssef's weekly show Al Bernameg has found a new home and will be aired on MBC Masr TV channel. The international acclaimed show was pulled off the air by the private satellite channel CBC after the first episode aired and supporters of Field Marshall Sisi complained that the military was being defamed.

The production company behind Youssef's show, Qsoft, terminated their deal with CBC after a breach of contract. In an interview on Saturday on Al-Hayat TV, Youssef explained that they decided to join MBC Masr because it is an Egyptian channel with an Egyptian identity that falls under Egyptian law. Youssef sarcastically claim: “My show will be aired on Friday; if it continues without suspension then it is a democratic state.”

Only time will tell if the show will be allowed to continue, but even if Youssef is being sarcastic in his statement, there is still the ring of truth, as any proper democracy should allow for free speech. You can still catch the episode that got him banned from CBC here.