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Alexandria’s El-Raml Tram Line is Getting a Glow-Up

The renovations will include building footbridges, installing electronic light signalling systems and modernizing the tram cars themselves.

Alexandria's tramway network has quite a legacy. It's not only the first tramway to be established in the Middle East and Africa, but it's actually one of the first tramway networks to be established in the entire world. Operating since 1863, the network is used by 80,000 passengers a day as of 2019. And between the residents' day-to-day commutes, and the tourists using it to explore the city, it only makes sense to give this Alexandrian symbol a little TLC – exemplified by Egypt’s most recent decision to completely revamp the El-Raml Tram line, which extends from El-Raml to Victoria Station.

Last renovated in 1960, the project aims to reduce travel time on the El-Raml line, while tripling the capacity of the trams and making the ride more comfortable for commuters. The project is split into two phases: the tramway design phase (lasting approximately 10 months) and then the implementation phase (expected to last 2 years) which constitutes building footbridges, installing electronic light signalling systems and renovating the tram cars. What’s more, an undisclosed station will be removed, and some will be relocated to make the line more fluid.