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Alexandria's Tunnels Flooded As Part of Flood Simulation Drill

Alexandria's infrastructure passes with flying colours when put to the test, except for the drainage systems in the Carfour and Downtown areas.

Authorities in Alexandria are bracing for the floods that usually accompany winter in the coastal Mediterranean city. According to a post circulating on Facebook, Alexandrian Governor Reda Farahat attended a flood simulation drill where certain vital tunnels were flooded with water to test the city’s preparedness ahead of winter.

The test was conducted to determine whether the city’s drainage system and the pumps installed can withstand flood waters. Overall, Alexandria’s infrastructure passed with flying colours, except for the Carfour and Downtown areas where the drainage system failed. The dysfunction was reported to the appropriate authority.

Last year, Alexandria fell into mayhem following a flash flood which left five dead, according to Ahram Online.  

(Photo: Asmaa Abdullateef)