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Alexandrian Student Comes 3rd In Judo Competition, Wins 5 LE

He really won big...

There is nothing greater than becoming the best in your sport, however at the same time there is nothing more insulting than winning a competition only to find out the grand prize is 15 LE.

This is exactly what happened when the Faculty of Science at the Alexandria University hosted a Judo competition two months ago. Coming in third was Ahmed Mohamed el Touny who was promised a cash prize that he only just received. For his efforts and dedication Touny was rewarded with - drum roll please - five pounds.

Talking to el-Watan news Touny explains that “I couldn’t stop hysterically laughing after finding out my prize was 5 LE, when my judo suit alone costs 1500 LE.” Adding more insult to injury is the fact that Touny claims that the university hosts a singing competition were the top prize is 500 LE. “I tried to write poetry and failed, and tried singing but my voice is not that good,’ explains Touny.

Sadly Touny wasn’t the only one jilted as 2nd place took home a whopping 10 LE, while 1st place took home a life changing 15 LE. Clearly the university should be a little ashamed of itself for placing certain activities at a higher value than others, and hopefully the campus will remain quiet as this is the kind of stupidity that sparks protest.