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All the Reasons You'll Want to Hang Out at the Grand Egyptian Museum

With 100,000 relics and artefacts, it’s the biggest museum in the world for a single civilization. But did you know it’s even bigger than that?

The Grand Egyptian Museum’s display of mythical treasures is, in itself, the stuff of legends. This we know already. After all, with 100,000 relics and artefacts, 5,000 of which belong to Tutankhamun’s own special exhibit, it’s the largest museum in the world dedicated to a single civilization. But did you know it’s even bigger than that?

The highly-anticipated museum is scheduled to open in November 2022, bringing with it not just six main galleries, two temporary exhibit halls and a children’s museum, but a flourish of recreational activities that will turn your educational outing into an even richer experience. The Grand Egyptian Museum will feature an array of casual and fine-dining restaurants, where you can refuel after a few hours spent at its halls. There will also be more than 110,000 square metres of gardens and green spaces to rest your feet and breathe in the fresh air.

Once the museum is operational, you will be able to sit in at an auditorium and a cinema, where we suppose they will mostly play documentaries all day (but you never know, maybe Rami Malek’s ‘Night at the Museum’ will make a theatrical comeback). For a bit of even-quieter time, you can read through the tomes of the museum’s library. There will also be conference centres and workspaces, where we guess some offices will rent out for company-mandated fun. And honestly, that would be our top choice too.