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Amr ElGohary Ready To Upset The MMA Scene Again

Coming off an incredible knockout in under 2 minutes. Upstart Egyptian MMA fighter Amr ElGohary gets drafted to the Desert Force ready to destroy anyone on his way to the top.

The only sport Egyptians have cared about at all until recently is football. This leaves every other accomplished professional athlete in the nation resigned to obscurity in their home country. Now MMA in Egypt, along with the rest of the world, is exploding in popularity. This gives fierce and dedicated athletes like Amr ElGohary a chance to be recognised for their skill and sacrifices.
You may remember Amr “ The Assassin” ElGohary from his fight back in August where, in his first professional fight, he obliterated his German opponent, Jan Steinbacher, in less than two minutes. His victory led to being recently signed with Desert Force; the 20-year-old Egyptian upstart has moved to Thailand to train at the Bangkok Fight Lab for his next bout against Shogun Team Lebanon’s Serge Saad. 
Training with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelts Lee Livingstone and Morgan Perkins, as well as high-class wrestler Ricardo Sanati, ElGohary is “totally confident” in his ability to knock out his opponent. “I know what he is planning to do, but I don’t think he can handle my wrestling and ground game… I will give everything in the cage and I don’t think he can handle even a part of it," ElGohary says.
Aiming for the 70kg (155lbs) lightweight division title, this young fighter has his whole career still ahead of him. “I have a long way to go, but no matter what happens I will just keep going and fighting because I really enjoy every second in the cage," he says.
Nothing official has been announced regarding Desert Force 2.0 yet, although speculation suggests the fight to take place January 25th, either way you better believe Amr "The Assassin" is ready for it. Keep posted on their Sherdog page or Facebook for the fight card and any other news regarding Egypt’s burgeoning MMA community. 
Photos provided by Omar ElGohary.