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Amro El Meligy the Sensitive Soldier

Cairo's favourite pop star is back with a catchy new ballad.

The long weekend is over, the view from the office is anything but clear and we are in the mood for some fresh music as this week begins. As we were checking our playlists this morning, we discovered that one of our favourite “homemade” artists is finally back.

Egyptian artist Amro El Meligy has released his new single and video, exploring his sensitive side. As the title suggests, Sensitive Soldier is El Meligy’s attempt to look behind the tough and strong exterior of a soldier. In the simple black and white video, shot at the North Coast by the talented Karim Mohamed, El Meligy imagines the thoughts and feelings of soldiers who just want to go home to their girlfriends, wives and dogs but have to defend honour instead. The result is a catchy ballad that sheds light on the sad reality of a soldier’s life, but also on themes of love and being a man with feelings.

El Meligy’s fifth single follows his success with his previous singles from the album Hangin’ There/ Mestani Men Zaman which was on Virgin’s Best Selling Album list for two weeks. With Sensitive Soldier, he hopes to continue his success after such hits as Ha3aly El Soot and Breaking Me Down. This time, however, El Meligy shows that his beats have a softer side as well, highlighting his musical versatility.