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Andiamo: Cairo's Newest Pizza Bar

New pizza bar in town, Andiamo, serves us a dose of Italian deliciousness...

Every once in a while Cairo's food and/or nightlife scene is graced with a unique and creative concept, one which goes beyond 'this is a generic bar' and focuses on a niche market and specific idea. The latest spot to hit the city is Andiamo, a new pizza bar which opened recently in Heliopolis.

Conceptualized by founders Rawy Rizk of Amici and U Bar fame and Patrick Kamel, the cool new spot is the perfect blend between laid-back and quaint, with artsy posters, birdcage lights and chalkboard menus. Kamel tells us that he and Rawy "longed for a chill outdoor-y place where people could get up on a Friday afternoon at 1 PM, and head out for a Martini - or an Espresso - and have a chat in the open air around the smell of freshly made pizza." We will gladly take you up on that Martini offer any day of the week, you wonderful human, you. A couple of slices won't hurt either. 

The menu ranges from cheesy appetizers, a lot of Italian titles we honestly could not understand or pronounce, and of course, our beloved pizzas. Kamel mentions that the Quattro Fromage is a must-try, which he added in a most elegant Italian accent, and delighted us with the information that a range of cocktails will be offered at Andiamo. His highlight is Sangria, which he claims is the best he's tasted in Egypt. Bold statement. We can't wait to test it out.

The chefs at the new eatery have added a special ingredient to the tomato sauce that we will not reveal – VODKA – no matter how many times you ask. We tried so very hard to keep a secret. We tried. The tomato sauce will be infused with a splash of Vodka to compliment the taste, and to combine what we love the most in a single bite: Food and alcohol.

Kamel had the dream of opening the quaint bohemian eatery for quite a while. After 10 years of enduring corporate slavery with a desk and a name tag, but no sense of career satisfaction, he dramatically resigned, went off to a fresher environment, and opened up his Heliopolis venue with partner in crime Rawy. If only the rest of us had these guts, maybe we'd be off somewhere in the midst of the mountains huddled around a bonfire with nothing but the company of cotton candy marshmallows. 

The name of the new eatery which literally translates into 'Let's go' stems from a story about Kamel's father. "My father spent his early life in Alexandria back in the 50s where Italians were scattered all over the place. He also had a hotel in Rome, which influenced his language to a great extent. I still remember his most repeated words being along the lines of: Andiamo, khelset ayamo!" Kamel recalls.

We can't wait to check out the eclectic new spot and binge eat authentic Italian pizzas like we were born to do. 

Maybe a pepperoni pizza cocktail is up next?

For reservations call 01005509948.


Todays Events
Date: 11/21/2019
Time: 12:0am - 2:00pm
Venue: Art Cafe Galleria40