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Anghami is Taking Over Sahel This Summer with a String of Events

From free ice cream to hearty parties by the beach, the streaming platform's got your Sahel itinerary covered.

Anghami is Taking Over Sahel This Summer with a String of Events

Few things define Sahel Season better than linen shirts, boho-looks, sick playlists by the beach, boozy nights and groggy mornings. In that exact order. Making sure to keep the party going by helping you loop the latest Cardi B hits, and letting you sleep a bit better knowing you’re less of a culprit for pirating music, Anghami has become the largest music streaming platform in the MENA region - but now it's in Sahel. Hold and we'll explain... 

Manifesting that joy outside the digital sphere, the platform has set out for various summer events in Sahel to spread that party cheer all around. They touch down on the North Coast with 'Anghami Nights' in lively beach bars Ceros (Fridays) and in Kiki’s (Thursdays), while 'Anghami Mornings' take place every Friday at Vibes during August. Also ticking off every beach essential, Anghami brings you an extra special ice cream truck every Friday between July 29th and September 6th. Said ‘extra specialness’ lies in the fact that for one hour, the ice cream is served in the best taste known to humankind: free.

Kicking it up a notch, the streaming platform also will give away free Anghami Plus vouchers for a lucky few at Kiki’s, just keep a lookout for their promotional iPads placed around the venue. The slew of events kick-started in July at Ceros Beach Bar, with one hell of a performance as the famed Mykonos party animal Frank the Bear swept into town for the first time in Egypt for globally celebrated party concept/series, Toy Room, which has made its way around Greece, Dubai and London.

And instead of trying to figure out the songs playing at the events, Anghami’s curated specific playlists for each of the events by their very own music curators.

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