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Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities to Restore Historical Area of El Hattaba

Once a tourist-trail for visitors of the Citadel, the area is about to return to former glory.

El Hattaba Cairo

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities has announced a comprehensive plan to renovate the Cairo area of El Hattaba, which lies by the Citadel, with a special focus on reviving the area's countless historical buildings and restoring them to their original state, as per Egypt's Development Vision 2030, according to an official press release.

Beyond the renovation, the Ministry also revealed that the area's many crafts will be nurtured and supported in order to revive its economy. The plan also includes reopening the Citadel's rear entrance and establishing a tourist trail, as well a cultural centre in the area.

Two centuries ago, Mohamed Aly, the founder of modern Egypt, inaugurated the area in question to be dedicated to his own horse carriages and entourage, which boosted El Hattaba's status in the city after having been an area for working class craftsmanship for the centuries before.

In the 19th century, tourists and travellers passing through Cairo had to pass by El Hattaba through to the Citadel, bolstering the area's economy and making it a centre of attention of consequent governments. At the turn of the 21st century, however, the Citadel's rear entrance was shut indefinitely, and has never opened since, greatly impacting the area's economy and quality of life due to lack of tourists.

The dates and timeframe of the renovation have yet to be announced.

Main Image from Al Araby