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Aswan is Getting a EGP270 Million Makeover

The project is meant to beautify the most important parts of the city.


The Egyptian government has started the first phase of what will be a EGP 270 million redevelopment project of Aswan. The areas that will be reworked include the old market, the station square, the Nile corniche and Dorret El Nil Garden.

The garden is the first area that will be redeveloped with the new project, and is currently being razed before the installation of some new fountains, plasma displays, public toilets, cafes and a parking lot. The EGP 270 million budget has been allocated solely for the beautification of the areas in question, and is in part of the EGP 400 million investment plan for the governorate.

A EGP 15 million budget has been put towards raising the level of public cleanliness where it concerns the use of public facilities, including clean equipment, vehicles and the operation of recycling factories in Aswan and Edfu.

The step was taken in light of Aswan becoming dubbed the capital of African youth, and is hoped to make a big difference for the events, conferences and festivals that will take be hosted there in the future.