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Authorities Shut Down Zamalek's Ismail Mohamed Street for a Week

The decision comes as authorities step up efforts to open the controversial Metro station on the island.

In order to conduct soil studies and preliminary site inspections, Ismail Mohamed Street in Zamalek will be closed off to traffic starting tomorrow and for the duration of a week, according to spokesperson of the National Authority for Tunnels Hassan Tawfik, Masrawy reports.

Map of the Metro's 1st, 2nd and 3rd lines/Al Masry Al Yom

The news come a week after a group of Zamalek's residents staged a protest calling for the halting of the Metro's construction efforts on the island, claiming that the soil of Zamalek is too weak to withstand heavy drilling. They further asserted that they fear the continuation of construction of the metro station on the island will put the safety of the residents and historical buildings at risk, according to the Facebook page Save Zamalek.

Photo: Save Zamalek

When completed, Cairo Metro's third line will span 39 stations connecting Cairo International Airport with Cairo University. It will run for almost 35 KMs and will be connected to the Metro's 1st and 2nd line through three different stations.