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Azza Fahmy Looks to Egypt’s Past for Debut Men’s Line and New Gypsy Collection

The design house have packed a summer of luxury releases with a little something for everyone.

Azza Fahmy Releases Summer Men's Jewellery Collection & New Gypsy Collection

Talk about a double whammy. Staple Egyptian fashion design house, Azza Fahmy, has released a a men’s jewellery collection, which includes a 13-strong lineup of statement pieces beaming with character through the elaborate intricacy of handcraft. The prominent design house has also released a new collection titled ‘Gypsy’, another chic collection comprised of 13 pieces, available online and at Azza Fahmy retail stores this month.

The men's collection taps into Ancient Egyptian folklore and motifs, such as scarabs, lotus, wings and feathers, taking an avant garde approach to familiar symbols and icons.

“The demand for men’s jewellery continues to go from strength to strength," head designer, Amina Ghali, told CairoScene. "This has mostly been driven by rings, bands, bracelets and unisex pieces. However, this is changing with accessories such as brooches and key chains are also playing a greater role together with a desire for pieces that can be worn day to evening.  As a result, we have created our first dedicated men’s collection combining jewellery and accessories with a common theme."

Also taking a heritage-chic approach, the Gypsy Collection is reminiscent of Ottoman carvings, adding a contemporary spin on the traditional, while remaining versatile in suiting a range of occasions.

An ethereal mishmash that’s both hip and classic, Ghali also revealed that the collection, which includes multi-wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, bodied with semi-precious stones such as Opal, moonstone and garnet, is “crafted with the time-honoured technique of hand piercing." 

You can checkout both collections on