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Bahrain's King Allegedly Visited Mubarak Last Night

Bahrain's king arrived to Egypt on a state visit to meet with President Sisi, but dominating the headlines was an alleged visit he made to Mubarak to congratulate him on his recent release from prison.

According to an evening talk show on Al Hayah TV Station last night, Bahrain's King, Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, who arrived in Egypt on a state visit yesterday, visited former President Hosny Mubarak in the latter's Heliopolis residence to congratulate him on his recent release, El Bawaba News reports.


The visit allegedly marks Al Khalifa's fourth Mubarak visit since he was ousted in the 2011 revolution. Anonymous sources speaking to Sada El Balad confirmed the king's visit to Mubarak, explaining that the two have been 'friends' for a long time.

Meanwhile, Youm7 cited a "high-rank Bahraini source" denying the allegations and confirming that the king's deliberations and talks with President Sisi kept him busy all day, leaving him no time to visit Mubarak.