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Bar Tabac For Boys

Zamalek now has a special place designed just for the menfolk. Welcome Bar Tabac, a little locale in Zamalek where boys are allowed to just be boys...

We have found a secret haven from the stresses of Cairo; a man cave of sorts (also welcoming women with finer tastes) that serves up strong drinks and hearty food, exquisite art and exciting sporting matches.

Sports bars in Cairo are a rare find, more elusive than the endangered Arabian leopard that roams the sand dunes of Yemen and Oman. Bar Tabac – from the boozy brains behind Bar D’O – proves that this species of bar may not doomed to extinction. Drinkers who believe that sports are best viewed over the rim of a cold beer mug can breathe a massive sigh of relief. Unfortunately for us, the secret is out. Bar Tabac’s status as a hidden gem is blown.

But this may be a good thing. What is a bar anyway? Marcus Aurelius says ask of each particular thing, what is it in itself? What is its essence? A bar has four walls, alcohol, and patrons at its bare bones. Without the walls, you are drinking on the street. Without the alcohol, you are just spending time with a bunch of teetotalers. Without the patrons, you are drinking alone and that is just downright depressing. 

So perhaps there is a silver lining to the fact that Bar Tabac is no longer just our bar. No more greedy hoarding of our favorite drinking space in Cairo, through the secret door right next Bar D’O's entrance. It is a bitter sweet day when we must share our favorite little bar with the rest of Cairo. But that is life. Our little bar is growing up and becoming the popular adolescent that we always expected. Destined for great things, we must let Bar Tabac go and let others discover what we have known all along.

Bar D’O’s little brother is now a big boy, joining us in pursuing adult pleasures – giant drinks, boisterous burgers, fine cigars et al. Best part? There’s no reservations for this 20 pax bar – just turn up, and if you’re lucky you’ll find a seat in between two new friends. Big boys night out? Book the whole bar for yourselves, watch the matches or films you want and even hook up your own iPod to the sound system. With Bar D’O expert bar team serving up the creative cocktails they’ve become famous for, believe us when we say this is a sports bar like no other.

Bar Tabac, New President Hotel, 20 Taha Hussein St., Zamalek, Cairo.

Find out more about Bar Tabac on their Facebook page here and follow @BarTabacZamalek