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Barbacoa's Sizzling Deals Bring Mexico to Maadi

¡Arriba, Arriba! Barbacoa has a deal on to suit every diner and drinker...

As we huddle for warmth these days many dream of travelling somewhere warm but haven't the time nor the money. Looking to provide Cairenes with an affordable delicious escape is none other than Barbacoa, Maadi's newest licensed authentic Mexican cuisine offering some sizzling deals that will take your taste buds on trip and have you forgetting the cold in no time.

Nothing gets rid of the winter blues quite like a delicious Sangria and or a cool cocktail. That is why on Viva Mexico Sundays, Barbacoa offers diners a two for one deal on all their fusion Sangrias (cutely named Sangritas - a mix of a Sangria and Margarita) and Cosmorita (cosmopolitan meets Margarita) that will have you feeling like you are worry-free, on the beach in Cancun. 

Perhaps you come from a planet that doesn't love a deliciously cocktail fusion but rather prefers an ice cold traditional Margarita? Thankfully you are not alone, which is why on Margarita Mondays Barbacoa offers 30% off all Margaritas making them not only the most authentic Margaritas in town, but also incredibly affordable. 

On Taco Tuesday's Barbacoa invites you to bring your Chupacabra-like appetite offering 30% off all tacos. With a Mexican chef at the helm you can rest assured that these will be some of the best tacos this side of Mexico.


Just when you thought it couldn't get any tastier comes Barbacoa's Señorita Wednesday. Starting from 5pm til closing, all señoritas are invited to let loose and enjoy 50% off all drinks ensuring the perfect ladies night out.

As representatives of a much sought after culture, Barbacoa boasts a full menu with all the classic Mexican dishes you've been wishing would finally be properly made here in Cairo. Cheaper than a flight and with a variety of deals too good to pass up, Barbacoa is easily a refreshing delicious way to escape the craziness of Cairo with an authentic taste of Mexico.

To learn more about the justified hype surrounding Barbacoa check out David Blanks' review here.

Check out there Facebook page here for more details.