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Battle Of The Bands' Freedom Music Truck Hits The Road

A state-of-the-art portable music studio is traveling the Egyptian countryside looking for bands and musicians who it can make the next Egyptian superstars!

Finally the day has arrived when all you rockers and rollers who never had the chance to properly show the masses what you're made of, have the chance to record in a pro-level studio. No matter if you’re near or far, a city dweller or out in the countryside, Cairo, Alex or somewhere in between, the Battle of The Bands' Freedom Music Truck is headed your way.
In case you’ve been living under a rock and are somehow oblivious to the impending epiciness that is Battle of the Bands we’ll give you a quick recap. Basically, bands from all over Egypt will be competing, live, in front of thousands of screaming spectators, for the chance to open up for the singular Sharmoofers among many other awesome prizes. 
We’re not entirely sure how Kult and the rest of the Battle of the Bands team managed to fit an entire professional sound studio inside of a truck but it doesn’t matter because this magical technological marvel is coming your way. At each stop, you and your bandmates will get one minute to record a snippet of a cover for entry into the contest.
So dust of your gear and start jamming because the Battle of the Bands Freedom Music Truck’s full schedule is below!
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