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Be a YouTube Star

Tube Star Network is a special programme designed to train and find the next viral video hero and with Bassem Youssef himself speaking, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss...

If you have not heard of Bassem Youssef apparently you’re living in a parallel universe and need to go back to reality. The media mastermind is arguably the largest name in the Middle Eastern media and has gained massive success through his show on CBC, El Bernameg. TubeStar Network, the new talent discovery programme, in collaboration with the Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism of the American University of Cairo, could not have chosen a better candidate to team up with for their upcoming workshops.  Dr. Bassem Youssef will share his expertise with young talents in a seminar on how to create a successful videos and webisodes on YouTube, and if you’re really lucky, he may just tell you how to grab the attention of people in power. Over the next two weeks, in cultural centres around Cairo, starting at Ewart Memorial Hall at the AUC Downtown campus, participants will be able to attend a series of seminars and workshops on how to make it viral, just like Youssef himself. This event will be held on June 22nd at Ewart Memorial Hall, AUC, Downtown.  

This event will show you the dos and don’ts of video, what works, and what doesn’t, and what you should just plain forget by members of the TubeStar Network and representatives from YouTube. In age where the world is constantly moving on to the next trend (Remember MySpace? Yeah, we didn’t think so) this seminar will make you understand what really matters and how to make it work. With the professional credentials of TubeStar Network, the Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism of the American University in Cairo, and Bassem Youssef, you just might be the next big thing. 

Visit to register and get tickets for the event.