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Become A Real Marvel Or DC Hero And Help Children In Need

The endless battle between Marvel and DC heroes is coming to Egypt to help those in need, with a superhero themed benefit the Abo El-Reesh Children’s Hospital this March.

Since the beginning of time there has been one great debate. One unending battle for supremacy between two great powers leaving naught but destruction in their wake. Two titanic colossi contending for our time and money; Marvel and DC comics. 
Now all that strife is being utilised to help the ones most in need among us. A benefit for the Abo El-Reesh Children’s Hospital on the 12th of March will see costumed characters from the two biggest nerd factories on earth combining forces to help make things a little better for the unfortunate. A full day of geekful nerdery, featuring a cosplay contest, vendors, games, a movie at the end of the night and much more. 
Become a true hero and also prove your nerdiness to everyone. 
Tickets are 100 EGP check out the event page here.