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A Belgian Delegation Representing 500 Tourism Companies is Coming to Luxor to Boost Tourism

Tourism in Luxor and Aswan seems to be on the right track.

luxor temple statues

A Belgian delegation representing 500 tourism companies is coming to Luxor, and will be received on Saturday by a representative of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, Tharwat Agami, according to Egypt Today.

The delegation, consisting of 185 Belgians, will attend the annual conference of Belgian tourism companies in Luxor to restore and refresh tourism in both Luxor and Aswan. Agami believes that this will have a positive influence on tourism in Upper Egypt. The delegation will reportedly be invited to a river cruise.

Aside from that, Turkish Airlines announced that they will start operating direct flights to Luxor starting October 2019, and this will also have a positive influence on tourism, and more importantly, will attract a lot of traffic, as Turkish Airlines tickets are considered more affordable compared to their competitors.

Upper Egypt’s Luxor and Aswan have been hot topics of conversation lately; earlier this month, we saw the first direct flight from Heathrow to Luxor International Airport. Also, Spanish company Master Flight announced that they would be starting direct flights from Barcelona to Luxor and Aswan in April 2019.

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