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Bey2ollak Stands in Solidarity with Girl Killed In Ring Road Accident

Another instance that shows how Egyptians always have each others' backs.

The untimely death of Danya Abdurrahman, the little girl who lost her life when a truck rammed into her mother’s car while driving on the Ring Road, has had us all in tears of anger since the accident and has opened up a national dialogue about Egypt's traffic laws. 
Apparently, we weren’t the only ones outraged by the chaos. The Egyptian minds behind Bey2ollak, an app that notifies drivers which route will shorten their three-hour drive home to two and a half, took their anger to the next level by taking a stand and changing the road’s name to “Daneiah Road” instead of Ring Road, after the victim’s first name. On top of the symbol that indicates the level of congestion of the street, the app designers also added a banner that read ehmal, or negligence in Arabic, lest we forget the appalling consequences behind this country’s absurd traffic “laws”, where trucks can drive at a 100 miles per hour at peak hours.

The brains behind the app announced the road name change through a Facebook post, in which they stated how they refuse to let the death of this “innocent angel” go unnoticed. They also declared that they would continue to shed light on the country’s road incompetence until the safety of every Egyptian is restored.

Danya’s mourning mother, Rabab El Meligy, was overwhelmed by the app developers’ kind action, also taking to Facebook to express her gratitude towards the people behind the app, saying, “Bey2ollak gave me purpose and hope.” Elmeligy’s post was shared over 700 times on the social media platform, one of which was by’s cofounder Gamal Eldin Sadek with the reply “#Bey2ollak That’s the least we could do.”


Kudos to Bey2ollak and its social proactivity.

Photos courtesy of Facebook.