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Bibi Goes to Hollywood

In a strange twist of events, Benjamin Netanyahu hits Tinseltown to promote an Israeli tourism film, starring himself.

Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu is always busy finding new way to keep Palestine from existing. Recently, he took a small break from his busy schedule to head to Hollywood.

Netanyahu's visit to Tinseltown is not to fix the Oscars but to promote his new one-hour U.S public television film premiering this week. The film is entitled Israel: The Royal Tour, and aims to promote tourism to the contested Holy Land.

The film was shot in Israel in 2012, and predominatly centres around U.S travel journalist Peter Greenberg being taken around by his trusty tour guide, none other than Netanyahu himself.

Addressing the crowd, Netanyahu said he wanted to show “the real face of the Jewish state,” promote tourism to the Holy Land, and “dispel the various calumnies about the State of Israel,” according to Reuters.

As you can imagine, Netanyahu's tour included all the popular tourist sites. The absolute highlight of the film is when Netanyahu decides to attempt to play football in a match between Arab and Jewish youth, resulting in him tearing a tendon and being forced to wear a cast for several weeks.

The tourism minister believes that the film may attract up to 200,000 new tourists to Israel, but here at CairoScene we still firmly believe that if they really want to see a boost in tourism, then all they would need to do is finally agree to a peace deal with Palestine.