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Blurr 100% To Blow The Lid Off Of The Temple... Literally

Back once again with a fantastic line-up, Blurr is giving 100% on this event and blowing the roof off The Temple, which hasn't been done in ages.

Blurr has become a staple of Egypt's nightlife scene; we have been huge fans of their nights out, and honestly can't get enough. In Sahel, Red Sea, or Cairo, the boys behind Blurr always bring their best and they have showed, time and time again, that they can throw a kick-ass party, so you can expect nothing less than the same previous amazing experiences. Don't remember? Let's remind you.

At Sahl Hasheesh, the line-up was on par with any international festival; two days of magical, music, and mystical dancing left us wondering as to what the fuck just happened. It was EPIC; so was the hangover the following two - five days, depending on how many drinks you had. 

More recently in Cairo, The Temple was transformed to accommodate #LetGo, Mobilee Records' showcase. Label boss Anja Schneider - who made an appearance in Sahel at another Blurr party - came in heavy and left us in despair after her set. Why did it have to end so fast? Well, this time around, nothing will end fast; as a matter of fact, Blurr 100% will be raging on for 10+ hours, with two massive international bookings represented in David Squillace and And.ID, with more to be added to the line up. Not only that, but they are removing The Temple roof to make for a sunny daytime gig.For those of you who have been living under a rock at the bottom of the Atlantic - no wait, David Squillace played there before; okay, if you've been living in outer space - no, he played there too! Okay, if you have never been to a party in your life and know nothing about Dance music, David Squillace is one of the hottest Dance music artists in the world. Not only that, he has been making the rounds for years and years, playing in damn near every club and festival the Earth has to offer, leaving his imprint on crowds and dance floors the world over. Last time he was in Egypt, in Sahel, the music was outrageous. To put it simply, Squillace in Egypt is like a lunar eclipse - it doesn't happen very often, but, when it does, everyone is looking at it; in Squillace’s case, they’re listening as well.

And.ID also needs no introduction, but for all you newcomers, here's the lowdown… A master of his art, And.ID's live sets - and he will be gracing us with one - are a phenomenon in their own right. He’s appeared in Egypt several times before with fantastic results - the crowd here loves him. Mobilee artist and exceptional musician, And.ID will make you forgot your worries, and your name, and your home address. He is one to look out for, as he has the power to enthrall, captivate, and deliver an astounding peak moment. 

Also on the bill, a slew of our very own homegrown talent, namely, Abou Samra, Aly B, Hafez, and Tony A. These boys will be taking to the decks to fill in the gaps, and ensure your musical enjoyment during every moment of the party. We won’t go into detail about each one of these extremely talented key figures of the Egyptian DJing scene, but you can be assured that each has a story behind them that is equally as interesting as that of their international counterparts.

So, here is the event page; visit it for more information, get your reservations together, and we will see you there.

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