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Bogus Medic Sells 'Fake' Drugs

A quack doctor has been operating a "clinic" in Dubai promising cures for incurable diseases, some of which are doing more damage than good.

UAE police have collared a bogus medic who risked thousands of lives after claiming to cure untreatable diseases.
The sick medic dished out tonnes of killer mixtures to desperate patients, some of which could even CAUSE cancer.
Health watchdogs became suspicious following an anonymous tip, and carried out an undercover sting operation at the psuedo-clinic in Dubai.
Inspectors were horrified to find the Asian man peddling potions from a filthy backstreet hovel while preparing ointments and EVEN writing medical prescriptions for certain medicines.
Dr. Ameen Hussain Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Policies and Licensing, said: “The ministry received information about an Asian who checks up patients and diagnoses their cases inside a shop, which sells herbal products and honey.”
“We also discovered that the aforesaid person promotes his products through a website and introduces himself as a doctor.”
Plain clothes detectives were even more shocked when they were offered a potentially deadly potion after posing as would-be patients suffering from a phantom disease.
During the sting operation at the shop, the inspector also found that the alleged doctor had prescribed a mixture made from steroids and disbursed from the pharmacy to a woman.
Dr. Al Amiri said the suspect operated without the necessary licences from UAE authorities, promising to cure incurable diseases.
“He also gives unknown ointment mixtures without thinking of the negative health effects or the patient’s history; any increased amounts of these herbal [ointments] may lead to death."
In a sickening twist, many of the herbal products seized during the raid were contaminated with heavy carcinogenic poisonous metals.
Dr. Al Amiri last night warned patients about the danger of attempting to cure their illnesses using unlicensed drugs.
He added: “Some herbal products may have dangerous effects or complications that cannot be cured; some of them are highly poisonous and may lead to kidney cirrhosis or failure.”