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Ana Mish Keda

Breaking Fast: 8 Excuses

It's the nation's worst-kept-secret; those little trespasses that we all pretend are OK, even though we know full well that they're not, and that our entire life of fasting has basically been a sham.

Despite our love and respect for Ramadan as a holy month, it is no secret that fasting is a challenge for all of us. While most people are able to endure the hardships of fasting, others will delude themselves by making up a set of rules to make fasting an easier journey. Here are some of the common and utterly ridiculous ways people deal with fasting:
1. “ I just finished working on my summer forma, and Fitar is in an hour, so I’ll take a sip of water to keep me hydrated. It’s not my fault that Ramadan is during the summer”
We know you love your guns, but the girls can wait
2. “ Mesh hakhodha 3ala sedry”
Smoke may not be edible, but it does break your fast.
3, “You can kiss me after the madfa3”
If he wants to then he should’ve put a ring on it.
4. “Eh ya 3am, you sleep through the whole day and practically wake up at the madfa3, what’s so hard about it?”
Not to burst your bubble, but we don’t think fasting is for you.
5. “Yel3an deen omak, get out of the way!”
No comment.
6. “ I wont swallow it, I promise!!”
Really? You think chewing gum is okay? Really..
7. “El hashish mesh 7aram f Ramadan. Khamra? Astaghfar allah el 3azeem”
NEWSFLASH: They’re both 7aram throughout the year.
8. “ I have to taste the Molokheya about 17 times to perfect it for Fitar today”
We all love your Molokheya ya 7agga, but no.