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Brilliant DJ Plays Onions And Tortillas Instead Of Vinyl

With DJs playing music off onions and tortillas and even cheese, now you can spin your track and eat it, too - seriously!

Ever heard a record so good you wanted to eat it? For some reason the only thing that comes to mind is one Taz the Tasmanian Devil making his way through a hipster's record collection, but apparently our imaginations are running a little too wild, or so we thought. Now, a DJ by the name of Matthew Herbert has started laser-etching audio recordings on stuff like tortillas, cheese, and aubergine, so clearly our imaginations aren't the only hyperactive ones. 
Commissioned by the London Science Gallery, the project is called Edible Sound. It seeks to educate people about food and nutrition and give them a really weird DJ set to listen to. Informing people about the dangers of sugar is also a focal point of Herbert’s project.
At his performance at the Guy’s Chapel in London back in March, he used recordings laser-etched on onion, potato, ham, sugar, and more. Folks in attendance got to eat the records after the performance, which puts a whole new meaning to 'eat your vegetables'. Herbert says the records are “playable on normal hifi. Unlikely to be delicious."
While he’s not the first to make recordings on food, Herbert is seriously pushing the snack DJ profession to its limits. We'd love to say that edible movies are going to be coming up next, but neither Netflix nor iTunes have yet to perfect this one just yet.
You can check out Matthew Herbert's official website here.