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A Bunch Of Skinny Kids Apparently Competed In A Bodybuilding Competition And You Missed It

This is our weekend gift for you Cairo.

Yes, Egyptians have had their feelings hurt on more than one occasion and had to sulk in scorching embarrassment between the the AIDS-curing ‘soba3 kofta’ and ‘what’s about your first Oscars?’ But Egyptians have also always had the will (and the big heart) to always make a joke out of it. And more often than not, ridiculing such fadaye7 isn’t really so hard to do.

So, if you feel like your weekend is going a little slow and your spirits are a bit downtrodden, we present you this gift that is an embodiment (literally) of how fly Egyptians are at not giving half a crap about the rest of the world.

So, a group of kids who probably haven’t yet hit the ‘manhood’ road, have apparently competed in a body building competition, flexing their non-existent and underdeveloped invisible ‘muscles’ on stage, wearing nothing but boxers and other undergarments, only adding to the ridiculousness of the situation. One look at their little faces, taking on very serious ‘model-style’ poses will surely reassure you about your social awkwardness and all the times you felt like you’ve behaved inappropriately in public.

Of course, the caption of the pictures, translating to “they got a bunch of kids dressed in underwear sold for 10 pounds for 3 pairs, and this is supposed to be a body building competition” just kills whoever sees the pictures.

Admit it, you’ve laughed your heart out. And Egypt just keeps giving and giving.

Check out the album (along with the maskhara comments) here.