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Why This Egyptian Man is Growing a Burly Beard of Bees

No, it's not his No Shave November contribution.

Photos have recently surfaced on the Internet of an Egyptian man doing something quite strange – as if we don't see enough of that already. Mohamed Hagras, a young beekeeper, is growing a beard of bees on his face. Now we've always known Egypt as a land of wonders, but this was completely shocking on a whole other level. However, according to Reuters, Hagras was not just doing that to strike the fear of God into people from one of the most phobia-inducing insects ever - he's actually trying to show the importance of bees and their non-aggressive nature.The 31-year-old engineer owns a farm in Shebin El Kom in Al Monofiyya province, and has been showing off his endurance level and his skills at both beard-keeping and beekeeping in different exhibitions and contests for breaking world records. Nonetheless, he ultimately tries to showcase the importance of the relationship between bees, humans, and agriculture. "It's not just honey and pollen," he tells Reuters, "bees are also medicinal." Apparently, people go to his farm to get stung for curing and healing purposes.

The bees, are attracted to his beard through the use of the queen's hormones, which is essentially how a beehive forms in nature. Apparently, Hagras is still attempting a world record, as a Chinese beekeeper holds the title for now after covering his entire body with over one million bees in 2015.