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COD: Condom on Delivery

A new SOS service from Durex delivers condoms to you in an emergency...

Durex have launched a new service which acts as both a genius marketing ploy and a middle finger to the sexually oppressed Zeitgeist of the Emirati.

The condom company have launched a new app and service in Dubai that discreetly delivers condoms to you within an hour, and so as to keep the secrecy of the sensitive contents of the delivery, the man will come dressed as a "pizza delivery man" or - we're assuming with the help of a shit load of Fair & Lovely - "a tourist".

We're not sure how a tourist turning up at your doorstep at 4 AM is exactly subtle but nonetheless, after downloading the app or via the Durex SOS website, users can order condoms between 4 PM and 4 AM, anywhere within Dubai.

The service also has plans to expand to other countries and cities. Before you get ahead of yourself and think how cool that would be in Cairo, just remember fi saydaleya ta7t, 3andohom kol 7aga and in under an hour.