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Cairo-Based Vetwork App Raises Six-Figure USD Investment Deal

The pet care marketplace app is looking to expand to Tanta and Minya.

balady dog

We were excited to learn that Vetwork, a pet care marketplace based in Cairo, recently raised a six-figure USD seed investment from Cairo Angel, Misk 500 Startups and a few Saudi-based angel investors. For those of us who aren't economists, this means a lot of investors have seen how much Vetwork have achieved in helping pet owners find vets and grooming services in Cairo, Alexandria and Riyadh, and are willing to support it so that it can grow and expand. As long-time proponents of animal care and welfare, CairoScene got in touch with CEO and co-founder Fady Azzouny to learn about their services, how it all comes together, and what they've got in store for our furry friends.

Fady Azzouny, alongside co-founders Abdelrheem Hussein and Zeinab ElGeziry, began their careers as veterinary doctors. In their line of work, they witnessed first-hand how difficult it can be for pet owners in Cairo to find vets and other pet services. In 2017, they formed a start-up to create the Vetwork mobile app, with the goal of keeping pet owners in touch with all the best services available to them.

When asked about the verification process for the vets that enter their marketplace, Azzouny told CairoScene, "Not just any vet can be in our app. Out of the 400 applications from vets that we've received, we have only accepted 85. We have an online process with an exam, where they also submit their license, certification and national ID for us to review. After passing this test, we invite them for an on-boarding event, where we have an interview with many of the prospective vets."

To emphasize why vets feel they benefit from such a partnership with Vetwork, Azzouny added, "We give opportunities for vets to reach pet owners. It's common for vets to go out of business due to lack of exposure."

Quite a few of us at CairoScene are proud owners of balady dogs, and the changing attitudes towards pets have become apparent, with responses such as "Why don't you get an actual dog?" transforming into #Adoptdontshop over the years. Azzouny and the rest of Vetwork have also taken notice of this shift in the local culture.

"It's not only happening in Egypt, but in Saudi Arabia as well," Azzouny said. "People used to think of pets as property, but now more of them understand that they're living beings with health needs." This change allowed for a more open conversation among pet owners, and greater opportunities for connection through the app.

In discussing their plans for the future, Azzouny explained to CairoScene, "We have a very long term vision. With this investment, we will be able to develop an AI that will allow the app to help vets diagnose pets. It will also allow the app to help pet owners predict any issues your pet may have based on their history, symptoms and data."

Vetwork is set to expand to new locations within Egypt, including Tanta and Minya.

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