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Cairo Festival City Is Handing Out Freebies For Mother's Day!

Cairo Festival City has just thought up the one thing that will make your mother happy - and get her to stop nagging you about getting a haircut: free stuff!

Mothers are important; they feed us, shelter us, offer us comfort and wisdom, ruin our lives, relationships and sex lives well into our fifties. And they do it all for free so it is only natural that mothers get free stuff on Mother’s Day!

With this in mind, Cairo Festival City has just thought up the one thing that will take your mother’s mind off your latest relationship fiasco: free stuff! All you have to do is head to CFCM, waltz into a store of your choice snap whatever you want to gift yo' mama with, tag @CaiFestivalCity, the store, and use the hashtag #CFCMSpoilMom and that’s it!

You have from the 1st until the 17th of March to enter and ten random winners will win the items they snapped as a gift for their mom. Winners will be decided on the 17th and you can pick up your free goodies on the 18th and 19th. Don’t exceed EGP 1000, though, because CFCM has Mother’s Day gift shopping to do too!

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