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Cairo Uni Clock Tweets

Cairo University has been in turmoil for some months now, just a stone's throw away from El Nahda Square sit-ins and home to its own unfortunate incidents. Whatever happens though, the clock tower rings (and Tweets) on the hour, every hour.

Despite being the location of several unfortunate incidents over the last few months, whenever we drive past the historic Cairo University, we can't help but look in awe at the grand architecture of the massive campus; the massive dome, the sprawling auditoriums and, of course, the proud, illuminated clock tower. So you can imagine our joy when we found out it has its own Twitter account. What would a clock tower have to say, we hear you ask? Will it tell terrifying tales of tear gas and unfair arrests? Will it spout knowledge garnered from years of being in the middle of Egypt's academic scene? Maybe it weeps for Egypt and judges the hundreds of students loitering on campus instead of going to class and sighs at their misspent youth? Don't be silly. Of course it doesn't.

It does, however, tell the time with a series of noises, on the hour, every hour. You know, like a clock tower usually does.