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Cairo University Invests EGP 500 Million in Digital Infrastructure

Cairo University is injecting EGP 500 million to upgrade its digital infrastructure with the creation of an online administrative database and its own smart mega-platform, 'Smart CU'.

Cairo University is launching into the realm of smart universities by injecting EGP 500 million to revamp the digital infrastructure in its faculties, departments and buildings.

The fourth-generation university is taking up a number of technologically transformative tasks such as the creation of an online administrative database and its own smart mega-platform ‘Smart CU’ for online learning, and providing up to 800 interactive screens and 40,000 tablets equipped with state-of-the-art technology for streamlined teaching and examinations. They are also completely adapting 1,325 courses for online learning, uploading 14,000 e-courses, and curating an online examination centre for students studying medicine.

The university has been making considerable strides towards digital transformation since 2017, when they switched to a blended education system with the aim of exponentially increasing its digital capabilities into the future.