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Cairo University Ranked among Top 500 Universities in the World

The Egyptian university is one of a handful of African universities on the list.

Rejoice, dear Egyptian readers, for Cairo University is one of the academic institutions to be included in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, according to its official website. The ranking includes hundreds of universities from around the world, with the likes of Harvard and Cambridge being in the top ten. 

Cairo University ranks at number 420 out of 500 for 2016. Which is just swell! Given that there are over 4000 degree-granting universities on Earth, according to the National Centre for Education Statistics.

Cairo University is one of only 9 African universities to make it on the list, as well as the only Egyptian one. There are hundreds of universities from the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Oceania, however, the United States takes the cake, as usual, with the most academic institutions to make the cut.

From its performance history over the years, Cairo University has been a part of the list since 2006, except in the years 2008 to 2010.

The Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, which has been published since the year 2003, takes into account factors such as alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, researchers being highly cited in a number of subjects, and the per capita academic performance of an institution.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons