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Cairo to Cape Town: This 50-Year-Old Canadian is to Cross Africa on an E-Bike

A record-breaking, awareness-raising adventure awaits.

Cairo to Cape Town: This 50-Year-Old Canadian is to Cross Africa on an E-Bike

On August 30th, a 50-year-old Canadian, Michael Rea, is embarking on a cycling adventure that will see him attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of the African continent on an e-bike. Starting at the Pyramids of Giza, Rea plans to make the 10,000-plus kilometers from Cairo to Cape Town in 38 days, meaning he will have to cycle 250-plus kilometers a day to make it in time.

Other than breaking the record, Sea is taking on the challenging crossing to help promote green living and raise awareness on climate change. Passing through a total of eight countries, Rea is also planning to plant a total of 50 indigenous trees along his route.

"I'm also trying to raise awareness for people who think they can no longer exercise that they actually can, because the technology is here," said Rea to News24, referring to his choice to use an e-bike instead of a regular one.

Rea is maintaining a can-do attitude, despite the endless challenges he will have to endure to make it in time and in one piece. "I have no fears or worries about going through Africa," said Rea to The Citizen. "But there are people who are concerned about my safety. My wife is supportive but also concerned, and the driver for my Range Rover, who will be 20 meters behind me at any point throughout the journey, is only 24 and his family is concerned, too."

If all goes as planned, Rea is to reach Cape Town on October 10th, and is set to be welcomed by the city's mayor.

Photo: The Citizen