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Cairo to Get Double-Decker Buses For the First Time in 2018

The new buses along with major reforms to public transportation will gradually take effect throughout 2018.

Good news for Cairene commuters far and wide; Cairo Governor Atef Abdel Hamid has announced that publicly operated double-decker buses will see deployment for the first time in Cairo’s streets throughout 2018.

The buses, which will accommodate up to 70 passengers, will be rolling out on lines that typically see a high density of commuters in order to reduce congestion and make public transportation more appealing. The first batch will have 12 buses seeing operation, with an estimated 40 joining the fleet during 2018.

Cairo’s transport authority has made numerous financial efforts in order to supply 130 new buses running on natural gas at a cost of EGP 500 million, along with 150 new minibuses and a spare-parts budget of about EGP 120 million, according to statements by Abdel Hamid.

In addition, there are plans to gradually increase the amount of public transportation which sits in the neighbourhood of around 3,000 buses in an effort to boost confidence in public transportation over the use of personal cars in hopes of easing Cairo traffic.

Photo from Egypt Independent.