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CairoScene Playlist Playoff

CairoScene's Dalia Awad, Eihab Boraie, Timmy Mowafi and Karim Rahman have each created a playlist of their favourite tracks. Cast your vote on who has the best taste in music and determine the score to the CS office.

Because here in the CairoScene office we have a daily argument about what music should be blasting out as the score to our keyboard tippity-tapping, we've decided to settle it once and for all with a playlist battle. Comment below with your favourite playlist; the one with the most votes gets to choose what music we hear in the office from now on. Choose wisely.

Dalia Does...White Girl Problems 

The Generation Gap by Eihab Boraie 

The Importance of Shitty Music by Karim Rahman 

How (Not) to Make a Playlist by Timmy Mowafi