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Campaign to Bring Coldplay to Egypt Amasses Huge Following

A Facebook page may be responsible for bringing Coldplay to Egypt. Fingers crossed!

Egyptians have a bone to pick with Coldplay, it seems. Well, not so much Coldplay, but they would pluck their tour managers' eyes out!

Many digital campaigns petitioning the biggest band on the planet to give a concert in Egypt have sprouted into the country's social media-sphere before, but this time, it seems Egyptians have reached a breaking point. They want Coldplay, and they want them now! 

The Starfish Campaign has amassed a following of over 50K social media users to bring the British band to the land of a thousand tok tok! And apparently all you have to do to capture the Viva La Vida makers' attention is to use the hashtag #ColdplayInEgypt until they can't ignore us anymore and then they have no choice but to succumb to our will and come to Egypt! It's either that or conscious uncoupling!  

Check out the Starfish Campaign on Facebook!