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Capital One: Cutting-Edge Administrative Complex Announced for New Capital

The New Administrative Capital is happening!


This month, to celebrate their 20th birthday in Egypt, NAMAA Development and Real Estate Investment Company announced the launch of its latest project: ‘Capital One’. Topping the board again, they are introducing the biggest office property offered by the private sector in the Financial and Business district in the new Administrative Capital.

‘Capital One’ is an innovative project, in keeping with NAMAA’s style. With a focus beyond functionality, the project is designed to create space for enjoyment and work at the same time. “We aim to develop environments centred around the users of our property and their well-being”, explained Karim Morsi, Development Director of NAMAA, adding that the company likes to question norms and create spaces to “balance the body, mind and soul”.

This isn’t the first time NAMAA has impressed us. They may be celebrating 20 years of existence, but the company’s journey goes back 80 years. Since then, the founders have established over 30 companies in different fields, including many major names- Olympic Group, B.Tech and the Canadian International College, to name a few. On top of that, we have NAMAA to thank for the Egyptian Food, Cure and Clothing Banks!

NAMAA became what we know it to be today in 1998, when it was established as a special entity for management and development in Real Estate properties. Since then it has expanded (mostly Eastwards) and established partnerships in various services.

Their new project, and perhaps the most exciting, comes at a big time of change in Egyptian real estate. The new Administrative Capital, 35km east of Cairo, is set to house not just the main governmental apparatus, but districts for business, culture and urban neighbourhoods.

Designing for the future, ‘Capital One’ is planned to be LEED certified, to ensure energy efficiency across the 86,000 square meters of the project, and fitting with the sustainable goals of the new capital itself.

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