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Parliament Approves Law to Install GPS Trackers on Taxis in Egypt

Also, renting a car without notifying the police will be punishable by law.

In a further effort to combat terrorism in the country, the Egyptian Parliament's Legislative Committee recently approved government-proposed amendments to Egypt's laws governing hotel and touristic facilities, and traffic, effectively obliging all hotel management to hand over data on hotel guests on a monthly basis, Egypt Today reports.

Hotel managers who fail to follow through with the new law will be subject to a fine of up to EGP 5000 and punished by up to two years in prison.

Furthermore, the Parliament also approved an amendment to the traffic law which will entail installing GPS tracking devices onto heavy trucks, taxis, and microbuses, according to Egypt Today, with the law further punishing whoever rents a vehicle while failing to notify their district's police station, however the exact punishment isn't clarified.