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Careem Takes on Cairo

Regional taxi app Careem finally comes to Cairo, ready to revolutionise how we commute.

From the peeps behind Taxi El Sa7el, Careem, which is already up and running in 12 other Middle Eastern cities, is launching in Cairo to ease your transport around our traffic-jammed nation. It’s the 1st mobile app in the country that allows you to, with a few clicks of a button, get a car to come get you from anywhere, to anywhere. Sounds nifty. Same as Uber, you can also facilitate your payment by directly using a card instead of fiddling around endlessly with cash and coins, but if the latter is how you’d prefer to pay, with some good old fashioned paper moolah, then that works for them too.

Tracking on the app means the drivers know where you want to go, so you don’t need to be in the backseat yelling “3alatool 3alatool, SHEMAL! KHOSH SHEMAL!” It also means you can track where he is when he’s on his way to you, and you can view the rating he’s been given by other customers. They’ve also got a range of cars from economy, to business, to 1st class. We’d like a Porsche please, thank you. We only ride in style. They do not, however, have vintage pink cars as our image might suggest. We just liked the photo.

Sounds like this nifty little service will be making getting around Cairo faster and easier!

You can find out more about Careem here